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Originally from South Africa, Dirk graduated with an Honours Degree in Marketing and Industrial Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch. Joining (his now wife) Ruth in Australia in 1994, Dirk worked as a Commercial Property Manager for three years before starting his own business -manufacturing shade sails ,patios and other steel products.

During fifteen years of running his own business, he gained valuable experience in sales and built excellent communication and negotiation skills. He loves putting systems in place and believes that being trustworthy, reliable and not being afraid of hard work will unsure a long and enjoyable career in Real Estate.

” Our family has lived in the Doubleview/ Scarborough area since 1995”, Dirk says. Our three children have been brought up here and we all love the coastal lifestyle. Nothing beats sunny days in Scarborough with good friends.”

“Sunday mornings we are at the Scarborough Surf Lifesaving Club where we are members and the kids participate .Sport plays a big part in our family with the kids active in many sports and I am still a keen tennis player at Scarborough Tennis Club and am involved in Rugby Union. “

Dirk has the energy, experience and enthusiasm to generate the best results in your next real estate transaction. He would love to hear from you should you need any advice or if you are thinking of buying or selling a property.


  • We have had the most amazing selling experience with Dirk. He guided us through the last phase of our reno, and took us from on the market to sold within a week. He was so easy to contact and worked with us every step of the way to make sure our expectations were met. We couldn't be happier." Troy and Loretta Wilding St, Doubleview
  • From the outset, we were impressed with both the persona and calibre of Dirk. Prior to listing our first property, he presented an array of current and historical data on similar properties in the area which helped us pitch our house at just the right price. In less than 2 weeks the property was under offer and we couldn’t have been happier! It wasn’t long before we were working with Dirk again and once again his professionalism shone through and not to outdo himself but he managed to secure a buyer within a week! All in all a great experience and look forward to working with Dirk again in the future Cheers Angus & Maja
  • Dirk, We would like to thank you for marketing and selling our home in a most pleasant and professional manner. In particular we like to thank you for your attention to detail, follow-up and just being there for us. We were a little apprehensive about the whole process of selling. However right from our first meeting when you gave valuable input as to the likely value of the property, the best way to advertise and the prospects of a reasonable sale left little doubt in deciding to appoint you as the agent. It is worthwhile noting that from the first time you visited us it took less than 10 weeks to complete the whole process and all of this was stress free. Your marketing strategy was perfect and we have no reservations recommending you to any party considering selling their property. Dave Maxwell
  • After much deliberating we decided it was time to sell our much loved first home. We invited a few select agents to give us an appraisal, I was about to renege on our decision to sell as it was getting all too hard when thank goodness Dirk walked through our door. As soon as we appointed Dirk everything became easy. He took on our stress & anxieties and supported us on our journey. Everything moved quickly & efficiently, Dirk kept us informed during the whole process & within a few weeks we’d sold above and beyond our expectations. Dirks enthusiasm, professionalism, consideration and diligence are just some of his many good qualities. We can’t thank you enough Dirk for the outstanding service you delivered, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to our friends and family & we’ll certainly be in contact soon. Jane & Curtis Roberton
  • We were very satisfied with our dealings with Dirk Jooste your sales representative. He was very helpful, courteous and very informative in explaining all details of the selling of our property. Nothing was too much trouble for him. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to others in relation to selling a property. Mary & Trevor Jackson
  • Dear Dirk, Thank you so very much for your absolute professionalism and great work ethic. We really enjoyed our experience with Davey Real Estate because of you. Looking forward to seeing you soon for a glass of bubbly. Cheers Deb & John
  • The best decision we made around selling our house was to appoint Dirk Jooste as our selling agent. We were delighted with all aspects of his service. Dirk’s commitment to leaving no stone unturned when it came to identifying prospective purchasers was clearly evident and most importantly kept us informed throughout the entire process. Dirk was particularly sensitive when presenting offers, offering common sense advice and gently guiding us through the negotiating process, which for us at the time was a particularly emotional period. We are delighted with the selling price and the process in which it was achieved. We would certainly be calling on Dirk’s services down the track and be recommending him to family and friends when they consider selling. Chris and Vanessa Angus
  • We did our research and comparison amongst the various real estate companies. By and large the marketing packages were similar and competitive in price. What stood out for us was the prompt response after our initial enquiry for a free valuation and the quick turnaround to organise viewings, photography and home open. The enthusiasm and professional attitude from our real estate agent Dirk Jooste was appreciated and a rarity. We enjoyed working Dirk thoroughly and his commitment to deliver realistic and tangible results were the key factor. Thank you Dirk
  • From the first contact with Davey’s real estate I was impressed. From the first phone call Dirk professionalism shone. Dirk regularly kept in contact with me regarding the opens, potential buyers and the presentation of our house. He also kept in contact with our tenant and even gave them a present at the start of the advertising period. During the selling period we were presented with 2 offers and through Dirk’s negotiation he exceeded our original asking price. I would highly recommendation using Davey’s Real Estate and especially Dirk Jooste. Nicki Renshaw
  • We would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ for selling 99 Norman Street for us. We are grateful it was a very smooth process. Thanks to your professional service! We will not hesitate to recommend you to family & friends in the future. Warm wishes, Kelley & Paul
  • Hi Dirk, we would just like to thank you again for all of your work and getting a great price for us. You are a great agent and we are very happy with the outcome. Looking forward to a celebratory drink with you when all is settled. Danelle & Ben
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