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Nestled in a tranquil, leafy cul-de-sac this impressive rear double storey home with a beaut park just down the road, is surrounded by a wide range of great amenities. A perfect balance of spacious comfort, convenience and relaxed, easy care living – this property offers the best of everything!

Upon entry you are greeted by a light and spacious open plan living area which extends seamlessly to a private, entertaining alfresco. Graced with a fresh, neutral palette and a timeless elegance it creates an inviting ambiance for relaxing or entertaining family and friends. The generous, well-appointed modern kitchen includes plenty of cupboard and bench space, built-in pantry with a lovely outlook to the outdoors. Also, on this level is a generous sized, air-conditioned master bedroom with carpet, walk-in-robe and modern ensuite.
Upstairs features additional accommodation with 3 bedrooms all with built-in robes and R/C air-conditioning and a bathroom with shower, toilet, vanity and separate bath. A spacious, light filled living area with feature French doors opens to a sunny balcony.
This appealing property also includes secure parking with a large, double garage, separate toilet, and a laundry with outdoor access to a drying court.

Just steps to Birralee Park and a short stroll to Yuluma and St. Dominic primary schools, the local shopping precinct at Morris Place and the Innaloo Sports Club.
Benefit from all the perks of this well-established community, you are never too far away from a great selection of shopping, leisure and entertainment options. With the coast and the revitalised Scarborough hub just a short drive away, the soon to be expanded Innaloo and Karrinyup shopping centres, easy freeway access and commute to the city … Don’t miss out on this fabulous lifestyle opportunity.

4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double storey home
Quiet cul-de-sac location
Light & spacious living areas
Large, modern kitchen with generous storage & bench space
Private, paved alfresco
Master bedroom with carpet, en-suite & walk-in robe
3 secondary bedrooms upstairs with built-in robes & R/C air-conditioning
Secure, double garage
Close to parks, schools and a wide range of great amenities
436m2 lot

150m Birralee Park
200m Yuluma Primary School
350m St. Dominics Primary School
400m Morris Road Shops
700m Yuluma Park & Innaloo Sports Club
1.3km Stirling Train Station & freeway entry
1.5km Westfield Innaloo
1.8km Lake Gwelup Reserve
2.1km Karrinyup Shopping Centre
3.5km Scarborough Beach
10.5km Perth CBD

FOR MORE INFORMATION: buy Lyrica online ireland

November 14, 2018

buy Lyrica canada

SPACIOUS STYLE & PRIME LOCATION Nestled in a tranquil, leafy cul-de-sac this impressive rear double storey home with a beaut park just down the road, is surrounded by a wide range of great amenities. A […]
November 13, 2018

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LOVE THE LOCATION This appealing street front, 3 bedroom villa sits in a prime coastal lifestyle location and enjoys a lovely outlook across Bennett Park. Featuring a welcoming, fresh ambience and designed for relaxed, easy […]
October 30, 2018

buy Lyrica india

RARE EARTH Don’t miss the golden opportunity to secure this sensational block in a popular coastal location offering you a most idyllic lifestyle. Acquire your slice of Scarborough’s exciting future with this beaut parcel of prime […]