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This substantial 2 storey, 4 bedroom, 2 bath residence boasts plenty of room for living with close to 170m2 of internal floor space on a generous 343m2 front survey-strata lot.

With street front appeal this well-groomed home presents spacious, comfortable living with a versatile floorplan that complements a modern lifestyle.

Entrance to the property is via the enclosed, manicured front garden and welcoming entry hall. Downstairs features an elegant formal lounge and separate dining room and a large open plan living, spacious stylish kitchen and meals area overlooking the rear alfresco entertaining area.

Upstairs features a large master bedroom with ensuite and built-in-robe. Three double size bedrooms with built-in-robes. A comfortable, central living area. A modern bathroom with bath, shower and vanity, and a separate toilet. This level also enjoys year round comfort with ducted, reverse cycle air-conditioning.

This impressive home also includes double secure, undercover parking, garden shed and ample side access with room for a boat, caravan or trailer.

Nestled in a super handy location close to shopping at Innaloo and Karrinyup and a wide range of local amenities. With the Scarborough redevelopment now complete, don’t miss a fantastic opportunity to secure this prime property in a coastal, lifestyle location.

Entry hall and elegant formal lounge room and separate dining room (or office/study)
Expansive, air-conditioned open plan living area
Beautifully appointed large kitchen with modern appliances and stone benchtops
Separate laundry and toilet with external access

Large master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in-robe
3 double size bedrooms with built in robes
Comfortable, central living area
Modern bathroom with quality fixtures and fittings
Reverse cycle, ducted air-conditioning

Front, enclosed garden and lawn area
Remote controlled, double secure carport
All seasons rear alfresco
Side access with ample room for caravan, trailer or boat
Garden Shed

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July 21, 2018

buy Lyrica canada

STREET FRONT & SPACIOUS   This substantial 2 storey, 4 bedroom, 2 bath residence boasts plenty of room for living with close to 170m2 of internal floor space on a generous 343m2 front survey-strata lot. […]
July 21, 2018

cheap flights lyrics

PERFECT HARMONY   This beautifully presented street front, single level home offers a harmonious combination of low maintenance living and a fabulous coastal location. On entry you are welcomed by a charming living area which […]
July 21, 2018

buy Lyrica india

APARTMENT LIFESTYLE Gorgeous boutique apartment with loads of style and sophistication. Designed for stress free, low maintenance living with a sleek, modern layout and a great location between city and sea. Situated in the heart […]