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Buy Lyrica online ireland, How to buy Lyrica online

With plenty of room for relaxed living inside and out, you can enjoy this fabulous location while planning your future dream home.

Entry to the home is via a shady veranda through to a comfortable front living room. A galley style kitchen is adjacent to a dining area, and large family room overlooking a covered outdoor entertaining area with timber decking and a rear yard.

Consisting of 3 bedrooms, the master bed upstairs is air-conditioned with ocean glimpses across the leafy valley and includes an ensuite and separate retreat area. Two minor bedrooms share the second bathroom downstairs.

A double carport and paving area offer plenty of parking on site.

Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity presented by this appealing piece of prime coastal earth. Close to Primary schools, Hale, Newman and Churchlands SHS. Wembley Downs IGA, Woodlands Shopping Village and Jackadder Lake and all the sensational amenities of this lifestyle location.

3 bed, 2 bath double storey family home
Generous living areas and covered outdoor entertaining deck
Air-conditioned living
Double carport
Prime South Doubleview location
782m2 (approx)block

0.5 km Bennett Park and Doubleview Sports Club
0.8 km Doric St Shops
1.2 km Wembley Downs IGA
1.3 km Woodlands Shopping Village
1.4 km Jackadder Lake
1.9 km Westfield Innaloo
2.5 km Scarborough Beach

1.0 km Doubleview Primary
1.0 km Holy Rosary Primary
1.2 km Hale School
2.2 km Churchlands SHS
2.8 km Newman College

FOR MORE INFORMATION: buy Lyrica online ireland

October 30, 2018

buy Lyrica canada

SOUTH DOUBLEVIEW OPPORTUNITY With plenty of room for relaxed living inside and out, you can enjoy this fabulous location while planning your future dream home. Entry to the home is via a shady veranda through […]
October 30, 2018

cheap flights lyrics

PARKSIDE ELEGANCE UNDER OFFER! … after only 2 weeks on the market. 51 groups through & 4 offers presented. This gorgeous, brand new street front home enjoys a lovely parkland outlook and is the epitome […]
September 21, 2018

buy Lyrica india

BIG house! BIG block! BIG lifestyle! Spacious, grand character residence perched in a prime elevated location, just a 500 metre stroll to the beach and the revitalised Scarborough foreshore. This impressive coastal home is ready […]