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Buy canibus Lyrical law - Buy you a drank lyrics

Buy canibus Lyrical law - Buy you a drank lyrics

This is your chance to secure this awesome townhouse just 100m to the sand and surf of the sensational Scarborough Beach.

Sitting plum in the SCARBOROUGH (MRS) REDEVELOPMENT ZONE this solid brick and tile, 2 bedroom property is neatly nestled at the front of a well-groomed, small complex.

Enjoy Indian Ocean sunsets and views to Rottnest from your upstairs master bedroom and private balcony and all the fabulous amenities of the revamped foreshore precinct just steps from your front door. Relish the wide choice of excellent cafes and bars, an early morning surf, a few laps in the Scarborough Beach Pool or amble around the Sunset markets each Thursday summer evening. This idyllic coastal lifestyle could be yours!

Featuring 2 good sized air-conditioned bedrooms and bathroom upstairs and a generous, open-plan living space, modern kitchen and separate laundry downstairs this seaside gem will make a great home or investment for the astute buyer.

Solid, brick and tile townhouse just 100m from the beach
2 good sized bedrooms
Master bedroom with robes, balcony and coastal views
A spacious open plan living area and modern kitchen
Separate laundry
Rear private courtyard
Exclusive use of carport
Plenty of visitors parking
Well-groomed small complex
Steps from foreshore precinct, pool, cafes, restaurants, bars
Close to public transport

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Buy canibus Lyrical law - Buy you a drank lyrics

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