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Can you buy Lyrica in mexico, Purchase Lyrica canada

Can you buy Lyrica in mexico, Purchase Lyrica canada

Appealing 3 bed, 2 bath dwelling that will entice the home seeker or investor looking for an easy-care property in an ultra convenient location.

Nestled in a neat complex of 3, this single level home offers all the essentials in comfortable, relaxed living. It benefits from easy access to a wide range of excellent amenities including the soon to be revamped Karrinyup and Innaloo shopping centres, public transport, freeway access and the vibrant Scarborough foreshore and beaches. Also, just a couple of steps to the Innaloo Sports Club and Yuluma Park, and a short stroll to the beautiful Lake Gwelup Reserve.

A practical floorplan includes two living zones and an ideal separation between the master and minor bedrooms. On entry you are welcomed by an elegant lounge area. At the centre of the home is a tasteful, well-appointed kitchen with stone benchtops and an adjoining casual open plan dining and living area which enjoys a pleasant outlook to a covered, private, paved alfresco and grassed courtyard.

The master bedroom features a walk-in robe and ensuite. The two additional bedrooms include built-in robes. Both stylish bathrooms have been recently renovated and there is a separate toilet and laundry with outdoor access.

The home also includes ducted R/C air-conditioning throughout ensuring all seasons comfort, and a carport plus an extra parking bay.

Call Dirk 0417 992 245

3 bed, 2 bath home in a super convenient location
Two separate living areas
Modern, well-appointed kitchen with adjoining open plan dining and living area
Master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in robe
Contemporary, stylish bathrooms
Fresh, neutral decor
Separate toilet and laundry with outdoor access
Enclosed, private alfresco garden
Carport plus extra parking bay
Ducted R/C air-conditioning throughout
236m2 lot. No common walls. No strata fees

100m Innaloo Sports Club and Yuluma Park
750m Lake Gwelup Reserve
800m Birralee Park
1.7km Karrinyup Shopping Centre
2.4km Westfield Innaloo
1.9km Stirling Station and freeway access
4.3km Scarborough Beach

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Can you buy Lyrica in mexico, Purchase Lyrica canada

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